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11.7 micron wild small camel cashmere woven bags, leather market before the 1% materials made of reporter Zhang Ying luxury brands are more expensive? There is a need to explore the issue. But maybe a lot of people are hard to explain, why did they sell so expensive. Of course, these luxury brands have a patrician ancestry, more than a hundred years history, has a legend as the brand story, and the best designer team in the world, these are the people from the appearance of the most easy to explain the reason for. But, I'm here to tell you, the true luxury brands, it is expensive and reason, is far more than these...... "Gold woven cashmere" expensive fabric when you stand in the luxurious hall, to Chanel Max Mara, Spodoptera suit coat and Ermenegildo Zegna custom suit bid trailing a long string of "0" frowned, perhaps they are the earth that one, in order to obtain the qualified made clothing fabrics, not hesitate to people of the Andes expensive. Because in this world, every year can only these three brands to obtain sufficient supply, will be the world's most precious fabrics vicuna used in his clothes. For the animal, vicuna refers to a life in the South American Andes llamas in the wild, but many people think of wild llama is gone, and only a few were in the Andes who trained the domesticated varieties. Fortunately, just have some form of life in the mountains to stocking small llama, picking out of them than common domesticated cashmere cashmere better on several times, thus also sold more expensive than India and Kashmir cashmere price. If not afford the high price brand vendor, a I'm afraid not to. Every year, the people of the Andes in order to achieve the top small camel sheep cashmere, must first as a "ritual", and then use the hand of each sheep cashmere out. The cashmere is absolutely not pruning, because it is completely hidden in the wool inside, and will automatically fall off, every little llamas can only remove the ounce more. These cashmere raw material supplier state only to sell, the price had been close to $1000 an ounce. These cashmere to send to each brand in Europe base warehouse, is only the transport process can make an "adventure", the first to use the cow, then is the horse, then the rubber raft, junks, and finally shipped. Even so, these brands are still not satisfied. Ermenegildo Zegna from a few years ago, specifically proposed in this little cashmere, then select 11.7 micron Gold Fleece (gold cashmere), and at a high price in which the essence of all won the highest grade, its use in your own custom suit fabric top essence. While Chanel twill suit, Max Mara coat are due to the different needs of different clothing material specifications, specifically choose to belong to own specifications of cashmere. "Luggage world top 1%" made if talking about the suitcase and handbag, Hermes is probably the most important brand. Familiar with it I am afraid people will remember, Oprah Winfrey was stopped outside the Paris Hermes, angrily cancelled more than 20 orders for Birkin news. Because in the world there are only two kinds of people want to book the Hermes Birkin don't wait too long: a man is to enter the whole world rich club, another person is worth $20000000 or more stars. You may feel Hermes the leather processing of TOP1 brand in the "big play", but when you hear a myriad of seemingly known brand in take Hermes thing, say "my brand and Hermes almost level, we use the time of leather and Hermes the same, perhaps you will start to change views. After all, it uses the leather is leather market before the 1% materials, because only Hermes can afford the price. Only Hermes out, turn to other brands pick. In the Hermes in leather, whether bright sense of the mountain sheep, meticulous and embossed leather, mirror smooth calfskin, or beautiful thousand layer suede leather, each one has its own price, new new dyeing of leather, each season has its own name of R & D. Also because of this, Hermes could be so big that the comic "Hermes road": "Hermes is only responsible for providing first-class goods, how to reflect the commodity characteristics have to see the customers themselves." To say that the suitcase. For this category of brand, the best known is probably LV. In accordance with the LV official said, their long history and no one can. Maybe a lot of people do not know, this world he had historical cases in 1854 to more than LV long brand, it is the Goyard, brand from 1853, is also a canvas suitcase is currently the world's most expensive, the price of 3 to 4 times higher than that of LV. You can see is, today, the travel box of Goyard are still handmade of pure, white birch wood with lightweight framework, cotton products and marijuana leaves as substrate and then coated with a waterproof material, the corner part of nickel metal, suture junction is made of leather, Y font Logo brand still hand painting. Even with different color box, the price is not the same, as printed on the different colors of the cost of different. This also no wonder Chanel life designer Karl Lagerfeld took the opportunity to travel, non will put Goyard suitcase it cling film wrapped Yanyanshishi months.